“The Former Pupils’ Association" 
wishes to attract all former pupils, regardless of their gender, or whether they attended RSD or DHSG
before amalgamation in 1986, or RSD after 1986. 
To this end, the Committee of the Old Boys’ Section has  amended its name and constitution so that
all former pupils of both RSD and DHSG can now become members.
President 2019-2020 ~ Judith Anderson.
Former Pupils
Former Pupils facebook page
Scout photo from 1955. Scout photo from 1955. School Web-site School Web-site
Former Dungannon High School pupil? and not as young as you once were. Visit the page of hockey photos from the past and send in any information you can.
To old hockey photos page To old hockey photos page
Now available-Ladies luxurious scarves in Royal School colours £25.00 These can be obtained from directly from Bursars Office R.S.D. or by post (post and packing charge £3.00)
David Browne who has steered the F. P.A. through many years of change,always with patience,enthusiasm,dedication and a keen sense of humour, was given Honorary Life Membership of the Association at the 2018 Annual Dinner.David has been associated with RSD for more than 60 years-beginning as a boarder in Prep at the age of 10. I well remember him as a tall,smiling,good natured and rather shy boarder in the mid-1960’s !. David was accompanied to the RSD Dinner by his wife-Yvette. 1958 Commenced in R S D Prep Department as the Junior Boarder in the Junior Dorm - I was 10! 2000 President of R S D O B A 2000 Governor 2001 Secretary of R S D O B A 2005 - 2008 Chairman of Governors 2012 Secretary of R S D F P A David promises to provide some recollections from years at RSD years shortly.
A pupil in the 60’s??.You might find this of some interest
Some memories of 60’s RSD Some memories of 60’s RSD
RSD F.P.Golf Outing 2019.
Leith Cup Winner: Fiona McClements, Runner -up: Pam Williamson Bingham Cup Winner: Andrew Williamson, Runner-up: Dale Hanna Visitor: Alison Chestnutt Longest Drive: Men-Craig Williamson,Ladies-Fiona McClements Nearest the pin: Amy Gilkinson
(Thanks to Alison & Judith for photos)
RSD Annual Dinner 2019
Mr.Bill Dickson was the Guest Speaker-Bill has been associated with R.S.D. for around 50 years, He became Head of Geography and a Housemaster. He also coached rugby and shooting and after retirement continued to help with shooting. Bill has a keen interest in ‘Rare Breeds’.
…and more.
RSD /DHS 60 Year Reunion
Report on reunion from Wesley McCamley Report on reunion from Wesley McCamley
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Judith Anderson, President of F.P.A. 2019, attended D.H.S. from 1975-1982, and has been on R.S.D. Board of Governors since 2013 and a member of PFTA since 2007. Judith was a prefect in her final year (1981-82) and continued her education by completing an honours degree in Modern History at QUB and a Post Graduate Diploma in HR management at UUJ. Working life has consisted of HR management and general administrative roles in various private and public sector organisations. Judith currently works for local company, McCollum Conservation, (Historic Building Consultants and Chartered Building Surveyors). Judith is married to another former pupil - Neil Anderson (whom I remember well). Neil and Judith have 3 children – Abby (22), Laura (19) and James (18). All have attended RSD. Abby was a Dilworth Scholar in 2015-2016. Laura is a Dilworth Scholar at present (2018-2019) and will be returning home in July. Judith intimated that both girls have benefited enormously from this wonderful opportunity. In Judith’s words. ‘’As a family we have much to thank "the Old Grey Mother" for and I am grateful for the opportunity to represent RSD Former Pupils Association in the coming year’’.
At a Board Meeting in the School,President of the R S D F P A, Judith Anderson made a presentation from the Association to each of the Dilworth Scholars before their departure for a year in Dilworth School. From L-R Matthew Green,Emily Carson, President Judith Anderson,Charlotte Doak,Stephen Black
Dilworth Scholars 2019
Dilworth School,Auckland Dilworth School,Auckland
Prize Distribution 18th Sept 2019
Judith attended Prize Day on 18 September on behalf of RSD Former Pupils Association and was delighted to meet up with old friends Robert and Angela McVeigh who were officiating. Robert spoke of his fond memories of his time at RSD and gave insight into his role as Chairman of the Commonwealth Games Council for Northern Ireland.

Annual RSD Former Pupils Reunion Dinner

posponed to a later date.

As everyone knows, group events have been at a standstill due to Covid 19,so recent web-site

information is limited.

(Scroll down page for info. on 2020 Dinners).
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Corvid 19 Click to watch For ‘Pupils at the Royal School, Dungannon’ from ‘The Staff at the Royal School Dungannon’ Team RSD recently released 'We'll be there for you' to remind pupils that they are not alone and that though school doors are 'shut', staff are still here to help in any way they can-academically or pastorally. In difficult circumstances many individuals could be struggling and by creating the song, RSD wanted to make pupils smile and help keep them connected to school. RSD also wishes to pay tribute to frontline and key workers across the UK- in particular to past pupils, past and present parents, and staff relations who work in the health sector. As a result they have created a Gofundme.com page: 'RSD Rainbow Record Breakers' to raise money for a wonderful local charity which directly benefits our community, 'South Tyrone Hospital Comfort Fund' provides equipment items and comfort for patients and outpatients in all hospital departments-over and above those supplied by Southern Health & Social Care Trust, With severe restrictions on SH&SCT funding over the last decade, there has never been a more opportune moment to donate. If you enjoyed 'We'll be there for You' and would like to donate please use the link below, and a huge thank you to all those who have already donated. R.S.D Former Pupil’s Association were pleased to support ‘’We’ll be there for you’’ with a donation of £100
Donate Donate RSD Staff-’We’ll be there for you’. RSD Staff-’We’ll be there for you’.
Honours awards for Former Pupils
Dr.Derek Maguire
Lloyd Creaney O.B.E
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